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Sewer Line Problems That Would Indicate You Need Professional Plumbing Services

by Andy Butler

Occasional plumbing problems are something homeowners will expect. Usually these minor headaches can easily be fixed with either a plunger or a liquid rooter. However, if your plumbing problems were stemming from the sewer system you would have to enlist the services of a Melbourne plumbing company or a company based wherever you are. Attempting to undertake serious repairs may not only lead to injuring yourself in the process, but you could also exacerbate the problem. This only leads to the paying of heftier bills to fix the problem rather than saving money. Here are some of the sewer line related problems that could indicate you need professional plumbing services.

Multiple clogged drains

Experiencing one clogged drain in the residence will typically mean that there is some minor obstruction to the flow of water. In the event that there are multiple drains that are clogged in your home, you could be facing a larger problem. A main clog on the sewer line will affect different areas of your home because it means nothing is draining at all. On the other hand, one clog means a secondary pipe is what is obstructed, thus limiting it to that particular fixture. A professional plumbing company can come in with their camera equipment, figure out what the main cause of the clogs is, and remedy it in good time.

Backed up toilets

One of the areas in your home that has a direct connection to the sewerage system is the toilet. If all the toilets in your home are being backed up, it means the problem stems from the sewer lines rather than the cistern or the toilet itself. There are multiple reasons why the toilet would be backed up ranging from overgrown tree roots that start affecting the main sewer line to an obstruction in the main pipes.

Bad odours in the home

Foul odour from the sink may mean there could be some food rotting in the drainage system and perhaps a little cleaning may make it go away. However, if you are experiencing foul odours emanating from multiple sources such as the shower drain, the sinks in the home and any other fixtures, then the underlying problem could stem from your drainpipes. These pipes are designed with a u-shape to ensure that odours do not enter the residence as waste and water is drained out. If this waste is leaking from the pipes or if the structure of the pipe has become compromised, you would need a professional plumbing company to come and rectify the problem.