Fixing My Leaking Shower

Why Gas Hot Water Systems Are a Good Choice

Just think about how many times during the day you use hot water in your home. Every member of the family needs to have a hot shower in the morning in order to prepare for the day. You need to ensure that all those soiled clothes are washed properly before work can commence. This means […]

What Is a Green Plumber?

Water is in increasingly short supply in Australia. It’s no surprise that local authorities are initiating tougher restrictions in relation to individual water usage for companies and individuals. It’s important to think long and hard about the amount of water that you use, whether or not you are currently affected by a specific restriction. You […]

Which Sprinkler Head Is Suitable for Your Lawn?

Homeowners who have just planted a lawn may find it daunting to select a type of sprinkler head from the variety available on the market. This article discusses the major differences between the two common types of sprinkler heads. Use this information to select the appropriate type for your lawn. Spray Sprinkler Heads Spray sprinkler […]

How to Avoid Costly Toilet Clogs

You might not fully appreciate the importance of having good-flowing drains until you experience backup issues with your residential drainage system. Backup problems will render your drains inoperative but they will also cause your home to look messy. Your toilet is one of the areas in your home that is most notorious for becoming clogged. […]

Student Plumbing Hacks

As a student, you may not necessarily have the knowledge and experience to undertake the many household maintenance challenges that will crop up. However, having an understanding of how to fix a few basic problems will allow you to save a bit of money and crack on with your studies without having to recruit the […]

Plumbing Hacks: Steps to Unclog Your Drains Using a Plunger

Clogged drains can disrupt the entire plumbing system of your home, and when they occur, they can feel like an immediate emergency. While there are some plumbing problems such as clogged sewer lines which require professional services, minor clogs can be resolved at home using a plunger. Plungers are easy-to-use plumbing tools; however, the plunging […]

Understanding Backflow and Knowing How It Can Be Prevented

A critical element in the designing of water supply systems is ensuring that water flows in the intended direction. But usually due to possible cross-connections, the water may end up flowing in the opposite direction. This exposes the water to the risk of becoming contaminated, thus rendering it undrinkable or unusable. The most effective way […]