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Critical Questions to Ask a Plumber Regarding a Hot Water System

by Andy Butler

Have you ever had to wait a couple of minutes for the water in your bathroom to heat on a frigid morning? If so, then you understand how frustrating it can be. Luckily, you can easily find heating systems with storage units that dispense on-demand hot water. Notably, the systems heat the water and conveniently store it in a tank for future use. However, water heaters encounter problems over their service life, impacting overall performance and efficiency. Fortunately, a professional and experienced plumber can repair any damages or faults in a heating system. Besides, it is the best time to ask a plumber everything you need to know about water heaters. This article looks at critical questions to ask.

What Causes a Water Heater Failure?

When you buy and install a water heater in your home, you look forward to using it without problems for an extended period. However, it does not necessarily happen because of various elements that affect water heater performance. For instance, hard water leaves mineral deposits along plumbing pipes and storage tanks. The mineral deposits reduce the diameter of plumbing pipes and prevent the smooth flow of hot water. Additionally, hard water accelerates scale build-up on a heating element, significantly reducing efficiency. Other causes of water heater failure include high water pressure, heater mismatch, leaks, and a faulty temperature regulator. It is easier to protect and care for your hot water system once you understand the common causes of malfunction.

Do You Need an Emergency or Ordinary Plumber for Repairs?

A hot water heating system can be powered by electricity, gas or solar. When you suspect a problem in your electricity or gas-powered water heating system, you should call an emergency plumbing contractor. The reason is that the extent of damage or fault might be more extensive than you realise. Therefore, waiting longer than necessary puts your family and house at risk of fire, explosions or hot water flooding. An emergency plumber will arrive at your residence and repair a faulty water heating system at any day or time.

Does Regular Flushing Maintain a Water Heater System?

Over time, sediment builds up in water heaters, accelerating the deterioration rate. It is why hot water storage tanks are equipped with a drain valve. Opening a drain valve allows a technician to flush a storage tank; hence, removing all the sediment. Notably, it is only effective if you flush a water heater every few months. However, if you do not remember the last time you flushed your water heater system, you are better off calling a professional plumber. The reason is that drain valves in water heaters are not big enough to allow large sediment particles through. However, plumbers know how to effectively remove large sediments from a water heater storage tank.

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