Fixing my leaking shower

  • How Much Money Will You Spend On Hot Water System Installation?

    23 October 2019

    Having to install a new hot water system comes with a multitude of decisions to make. First, you need to establish how you want the hot water system powered since you have an array of options including solar, gas, electric and so on. Second, you need to establish the capacity that you require, and this is dependent on factors such as the residents in your home as well as the volume of water that you use.

  • Smart Tips to Lower Your Hot Water System Energy Bills

    16 October 2019

    Hot water systems are common in many Australian homes, mainly due to the cold weather we experience. Hot water units are easy to install. They are also cost-effective and last for an extended period of time. Most hot water systems add up to less than 20 percent of the total household energy bills, although it can sometimes be higher than that. In this guide, we will discuss smart ways to reduce your monthly hot water bills.

  • Buying A House? Two Signs You Should Get A CCTV Drain Inspection Before Settling The Contract

    7 November 2016

    Buying your first ever home is an exciting time, and there are a lot of things to consider before you finalise the property settlement. As someone who knows you need a property inspection as part of the buying process, you already have a basic idea of what the inspector is looking for. However, some properties automatically lend themselves to needing additional inspections before settlement. For example, take the drains of your potential new home.

  • How To Tell If A Pipe Relining Service Is The Answer To Your Drain Problems

    26 October 2016

    Pipe relining is one of the most innovative plumbing repair services offered. Through this service, a flexible epoxy liner is installed inside your old drain pipes to seal off damage and to restore the drain capabilities of your pipes. It's fast, requires no digging, and is cheaper than a pipe replacement service. However, pipe relining repair is not the answer to every drain blocking problem. In this article, find out if it is in your particular case.

  • Why Gas Hot Water Systems Are a Good Choice

    24 October 2016

    Just think about how many times during the day you use hot water in your home. Every member of the family needs to have a hot shower in the morning in order to prepare for the day. You need to ensure that all those soiled clothes are washed properly before work can commence. This means that your choice of hot water unit is crucial in order to meet the needs of your household.

  • What Is a Green Plumber?

    24 October 2016

    Water is in increasingly short supply in Australia. It's no surprise that local authorities are initiating tougher restrictions in relation to individual water usage for companies and individuals. It's important to think long and hard about the amount of water that you use, whether or not you are currently affected by a specific restriction. You may have heard of the term "green plumbing" and wonder what that is? The Advantages

  • Which Sprinkler Head Is Suitable for Your Lawn?

    19 October 2016

    Homeowners who have just planted a lawn may find it daunting to select a type of sprinkler head from the variety available on the market. This article discusses the major differences between the two common types of sprinkler heads. Use this information to select the appropriate type for your lawn. Spray Sprinkler Heads Spray sprinkler heads do not rotate as they irrigate your lawn. They remain fixed in their position and just discharge water in a predetermined pattern, such as in a half-circle.