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Buying A House? Two Signs You Should Get A CCTV Drain Inspection Before Settling The Contract

by Andy Butler

Buying your first ever home is an exciting time, and there are a lot of things to consider before you finalise the property settlement. As someone who knows you need a property inspection as part of the buying process, you already have a basic idea of what the inspector is looking for. However, some properties automatically lend themselves to needing additional inspections before settlement. For example, take the drains of your potential new home. When should you consider also getting a CCTV drain inspection done rather than just settling on the results of the purchase inspection? There are two main signs a closer look at the home's drainage system is necessary.

Lots of Trees on the Property

Mature trees are very desirable to new homeowners. Trees provide shade to keep the sun away from the house, and this shade hopefully means lower electricity costs during the summer. However, mature trees also have long roots, and these are the enemy of drain pipes.

The only true way to discover whether backyard plumbing pipes are compromised for the home you want to buy is by using a CCTV camera. The smallest crack in a plumbing pipe eventually smashes wide open when tree roots push through it while searching for a water source. Replacing broken pipes involves digging up the backyard, which can be an expensive exercise. If there are a lot of older trees at your potential home, have the drains checked using a CCTV camera after the completion of the basic building inspection.

Spongy Ground

When looking at the back garden of your potential purchase, is there a patch where there is more moss growing than grass? When you stand in this spot, does the soil beneath your feet feel spongy and wet? If so, these are indicators there is a plumbing pipe in the back garden which is cracked and leaking water.

Again, a CCTV camera is the fastest way to diagnose this. A pipe with a small crack in it can often be repaired internally with the injection of resin into the pipe. It moulds around the interior of the pipe to make it waterproof again. Of course, this fix requires a plumber, so if you can prove the pipe will need repair or replacement in the future, you have the opportunity to negotiate a lower price with the seller to allow for these repairs.

Be aware of potential drain pipe issues before you buy your home so you are not left with unexpected, expensive repairs after completion of the property settlement. A CCTV drain inspection can be performed in just a few hours and gives you plenty of peace of mind before you take ownership of the keys to your new home. For more information, contact a business such as Nu-Jet.