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What Is a Green Plumber?

by Andy Butler

Water is in increasingly short supply in Australia. It's no surprise that local authorities are initiating tougher restrictions in relation to individual water usage for companies and individuals. It's important to think long and hard about the amount of water that you use, whether or not you are currently affected by a specific restriction. You may have heard of the term "green plumbing" and wonder what that is?

The Advantages

There are a number of ways that you can save both water and money by becoming green in relation to your plumbing and water needs. If you consider some of these measures then you may be eligible to get rebates from state or local government. If you have certain environmentally friendly devices or systems added to your home, then you may also be able to increase the resale value of the house in the future.

Solar Heat

Try switching to a solar hot water system in order to save electricity and therefore additional cash. These systems will usually store much more hot water than the traditional systems do, so you don't need to worry about running out of hot water when you need it. A green plumber, who is an individual who specialises in installing systems with an eye to the environment, can help you to decide which particular solar system would be right for you. You will need to supply some information such as how many people are in the household, how many showers are taken on a daily basis and when, what's the condition of the existing system. It's possible to retrofit many existing hot water heaters to accept solar panels.

Capturing Natural Resources

Consider fitting a rainwater tank. These are a great way to save water, whether you use it simply for outdoor purposes only or connect it to your washing machine or toilet. Once again, your professional green plumber can ensure that everything is fitted to meet both your requirements and any government specifications. The tank needs to be kept separate from the main supply, or it needs to have a gap in between it and the supply so that there is no possibility of backflow. You also need to connect to a drain system so overflow can escape.

There is an additional advantage here. If you are subject to local government water usage restrictions, this does not include the water that you capture in the rainwater tank.

Finding Green Plumbers

An increasing number of plumbers across the country are becoming certified as "green." In particular, they can advise you on the efficient use of water when using the toilet, shower and washing machine and how to install efficient components such as flow restrictors and taps. For more information, contact a local plumber.