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How Much Money Will You Spend On Hot Water System Installation?

by Andy Butler

Having to install a new hot water system comes with a multitude of decisions to make. First, you need to establish how you want the hot water system powered since you have an array of options including solar, gas, electric and so on. Second, you need to establish the capacity that you require, and this is dependent on factors such as the residents in your home as well as the volume of water that you use. After having all these decisions to make, you could be feeling overwhelmed about the cost of installation. In reality, just as the above-mentioned decisions, the price is dependent on your household. To help you have an idea of what it may cost you, read on to learn what dictates the amount of money you will spend on hot water system installation.

Replacement vs new installation

The first aspect that will determine the cost of your hot water installation is whether it is a brand-new system being established or if you are replacing an old system that has malfunctioned. When you are replacing an older hot water system with a newer version, then the cost will be much more affordable than setting up a brand-new system. The reason why is that the plumber may have to install hardware too, and this takes time. Thus, the longer project coupled with the increased manpower will result in a higher hot water system installation cost.

The power utilised by the hot water system

The most commonly installed hot water systems in Australia are the gas and electric varieties. Thus, the installation of these types of systems tends to attract a similar service charge since they are conventional options. However, if you are looking to install a solar-powered hot water system, then you may end up paying more than a homeowner that chose the previously mentioned solutions. The reason behind this is that the technical difficulty of connecting the hot water system tends to be higher than when installing a gas or an electric system. As long as the plumber needs to employ additional equipment to carry out the job, then the cost can be inflated.

The capacity of the hot water system

As previously mentioned, selecting the right capacity of a hot water system is critical if you and your family members are to receive an adequate supply of hot water. But what you should know is that the capacity will also influence the overall cost of your hot water system. Just as with most other things, the bigger the item, the more it will cost. Moreover, the higher the capacity, the more labour it will take to install the system, so you can expect a higher bill.

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