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How To Tell If A Pipe Relining Service Is The Answer To Your Drain Problems

by Andy Butler

Pipe relining is one of the most innovative plumbing repair services offered. Through this service, a flexible epoxy liner is installed inside your old drain pipes to seal off damage and to restore the drain capabilities of your pipes. It's fast, requires no digging, and is cheaper than a pipe replacement service. However, pipe relining repair is not the answer to every drain blocking problem. In this article, find out if it is in your particular case.     

Your drain pipes only have slight damage

Pipe relining repair is not meant to give your drain pipes a makeover. It's only meant to patch up weak areas where replacing the entire pipe is not practical. As such, the service is ideal where your drain pipes, after inspection, have been discovered to have minimal damage such as cracks, small breaks or loose joints. The pipe liner can seal off this damage and restore the condition of your drains.

Your drain pipes are suffering from external interference

The basic function of a pipe reline is to create a secondary protection layer that seals the drain from the external environment. So if you are experiencing blocked drains as a result of penetration of tree roots or soil from outside, a pipe reline service is called for. Once installed, the liner will seal off your pipe and keep it clear from obstruction or blocking.  

Your drains' pipes are only affected in limited areas

Although a pipe relining service is quite effective once installed, it can only be effective where the drain pipe in question is structurally sound and is not at risk of complete dilapidation. That is, a reline service is only ideal if your pipes have damage at only one or a few select areas and if that damage is not likely to spread. Otherwise, if your pipes have widespread damage such as corrosion, a replacement service will be more effective.

It's not feasible to excavate and extract the old drain pipes

The major selling point for drain pipe relining repairs is that the process is trench-less and requires no digging whatsoever. This is true. And going by that, a pipe reline repair is a good option if your drain pipes are not in a position to be dug up and replaced. This could be due to other structures that have been developed near or over the existing drain line, thereby making excavation impossible or unsafe.

If you feel that a pipe reline repair service is right for you, talk to an expert plumber and have them inspect your drain pipes to determine if you're right. They will then explain to you the steps involved in the repair and how you can prepare effectively.