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Top Qualities of Drainage Grates for a Commercial Kitchen

by Andy Butler

Commercial kitchens are supposed to maintain high hygiene standards as a legal requirement and for the safety of diners. One area of particular concern when it comes to commercial kitchen cleanliness and hygiene is the drainage system. As the channel through which wastewater flows out, a kitchen drainage trench must be effective. Such effectiveness can be guaranteed by choosing the right drainage grates. However, kitchen drainage wastes must possess specific attributes to be considered adequate. This article highlights these qualities.

Modular Waste Design -- Restaurant owners redesign and renovate their kitchens to accommodate demands in productivity. For instance, a restauranteur needs more space in a kitchen to accommodate more equipment as a restaurant grows. Similarly, the size and capacity of a drainage system will need to change to accommodate increased wastewater. With this in mind, it is beneficial to install modular drainage wastes in your kitchen. The grates can fit into any drainage trench space regardless of shape or size. The reason why is that modular floor wastes comprise of many identical pieces that easily slot into each other to form a whole part. Therefore, you can use the same drainage wastes even if you modify drainage trenches during renovations. The design helps you to save money and time.  

High Coefficient of Friction -- Wet drainage wastes are a safety hazard in a kitchen. That is why commercial kitchen floors should be kept dry at all times. However, this can be tricky, especially in a busy commercial kitchen. Therefore, it is common for cooks to ignore liquids on a grate's surface until they are through with the task at hand. For this reason, restauranteurs must invest in drainage wastes with a high friction coefficient. The floor wastes feature rough surfaces that reduce the chances of slippage even when wet. Such safety levels ensure kitchen personnel have peace of mind, consequently increasing productivity.

Easy to Operate -- Any serious restauranteur must have the contacts of an emergency plumber. However, even 24-hour service providers are at the mercy of several factors, such as traffic jams and vehicle breakdowns. It can be frustrating because most kitchen operations will grind a halt if you cannot crank open drainage wastes to address a blockage. Therefore, the type of drainage floor wastes you buy for a commercial kitchen must be easy to operate. It goes a long way towards avoiding inconveniences and easing your reliance on a plumber. In addition, only choose floor wastes with latch systems that are less likely to jam.

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