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Home Renovation Jobs That Are Best Left to a Professional Plumber

by Andy Butler

Handing home renovation jobs on your own can be the cheapest way to go, but keep in mind that poor-quality work can mean needed plumbing repairs down the road. You may also run into problems that you're not equipped to handle and your project gets stalled until you can eventually find a plumber to complete it. Note a few home renovation jobs that are best left to a professional plumber like Act Fast Emergency Plumbing Services and why you should rely on their expertise rather than your own.

1. Installing a new tub

New bathtubs are often difficult to install even for professional plumbers because of their weight and how cumbersome they can be to install; this makes them even more difficult for amateurs who've never tackled this job before. A professional plumber will ensure that the floorboards can support the weight of a new tub. This is especially needed if you're adding a glass surround or anything else that will make your new tub heavier than your old tub. The tub also needs to be perfectly sealed and caulked so you avoid water leaks down the road, and this is a job that professionals should handle.

2. When adding an outside kitchen

An outside kitchen, even if it just has a small sink, will need new pipes run to the area, and this involves digging and permits from your local municipality. A professional plumber will ensure that proper permits are in place before work begins so you don't face fines and added fees. They can also ensure that the new pipes are buried as they need to be so they're protected from the elements but still accessible in case of needed repair, and they will choose the right pipes that can withstand the weight of soil and moisture from the ground. 

3. When downsizing a bathroom

Most homeowners prefer to increase the space of their bathrooms when possible, but if for any reason you feel you can remove a tub or double sink in a bath for better use of the space, you should have a professional plumber handle this job. This is to ensure that pipes that will no longer be used are properly capped off or removed so that you don't have water leaks in the area. A homeowner may make the mistake of using the wrong type or size of cap, or choosing an incompatible material that can result in corrosion and leaks. Have a professional handle the plumbing aspect of removing bathroom features when you're ready to downsize.