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2 Plumber's Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

by Andy Butler

As a homeowner, you will need to call a plumber like Sam's Local Plumbing at some point, and it helps if you have a working knowledge of some of the more common terminology that these professionals use during the course of their everyday work. In some cases, knowing these terms may enable you to fix some problems on your own, which can save you money. So with that in mind, here are a couple of terms that plumbers use that you should know.

Drain Camera -- A drain camera, also known as drain inspection camera and a sewer camera, is a device that features a long cable that snakes into a sewer line. At the front end of the cable is a tiny camera that relays images to a monitor. The camera is also powered with a light to make visual inspection easier. Drain cameras are valuable tools that a plumber uses to see into your sewer line to determine if there are any blockages or obstructions. Sewer line blockages can back up your plumbing and eventually cause pipes to burst. Blockages also slow down the proper flow of water in and out of your line. Using a drain camera helps a plumber analyse your plumbing issue to determine the best course of action. Many plumbers recommend that anyone buying a new home should have a drain camera inspection to make sure there are no issues that will be costly in the future. The most common plumbing issue in a sewer line is tree roots that have grown into the pipes.

Auger -- An auger is most commonly known as a 'plumber's snake,' and it is a device that plumbers use to unclog toilets. An ordinary plunger is only effective at creating a suction for small blockages, but if the blockage is large and dense, an auger is the tool plumbers use. Augers are made from metal and have a spiral design that allows a user to turn the handle to insert the tool deep inside a toilet's drain and push tough blockages through the pipe. You can save yourself the cost of a plumber's house call by buying your own auger at a home improvement store. Augers are sold from very basic to professional quality, but buying one can pay for itself in just one use, because a plumber who unclogs your toilet with an auger will still charge you the full rate for the trip, which will exceed the cost of a quality auger you could have bought yourself.