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Is That Plumbing Problem an Emergency or Can It Wait?

by Andy Butler

Plumbing emergencies are usually very rare in a home; if you don't mistreat your pipes by dumping things into the toilet that will clog it, and have your plumbing upgraded as needed, it will usually function without issues for years. However, there are times when plumbing problems are important enough to be considered an emergency and shouldn't be put off until you can get an appointment with a plumber. Note a few times when the plumbing problem in your home is an emergency and why it's vital that you don't overlook these issues or put off their repair.

1. When water flow is very slow or stopped during wintertime 

A very common problem with plumbing during wintertime is a frozen pipe, and you may notice that the water only trickles out of the kitchen sink or shower or is stopped up for good. The reason you want to have an emergency plumber check out this problem right away is that a frozen pipe can soon mean a burst pipe; remember that water expands as it freezes, so as more water in the pipe freezes, the pipe will fill up with more ice and then eventually crack. This can mean a more expensive repair job than if you had an emergency plumber look at the problem right away, including the cost of cleanup.

2. Sewer smells

You might notice a sewer smell from outside your home and this can be from a variety of reasons that are not related to your plumbing in particular, but if you notice this smell from inside the home and from the drains or faucets, you want to call an emergency plumber. This usually means that the outside sewer lines are clogged or have a leak and, in turn, sewage is leaking into the pipes. This can be very unsanitary for your family and may lead to clogs and more extensive damage. 

3. The sound of running water behind the walls

The sound of running water behind your walls often means a leak of some sort, usually around the slab of your home. This can lead to very high water bills and damage to your home's foundation or other building materials in the area of the leak. An unchecked leak that is so extensive that it can be heard can also easily lead to mold growth along wood and insulation. It can also soften wood, and all of this damage can mean needing to have wood studs and other materials replaced. 

So if you notice any of these issues in your home, contact an emergency plumber, such as those from Plumbers WA & Co, as soon as possible.