Fixing my leaking shower

Services a Plumber Can Provide Beyond Leak Repair

by Andy Butler

You may know to call a plumber to your home when a pipe is leaking or has burst, but plumbers are professionals who can do much more for your home than just fix pipes. There are many services that are best left to a plumber even if you think you're somewhat handy with tools, and which can ensure these jobs get done right. Note a few of these services so you know to call a plumber to your home the next time they're needed, and how a plumber can also prevent problems with your plumbing in the first place and make your water cleaner and safer.

1. Installing a garbage disposal

You always want to call a plumber to install a new garbage disposal because this equipment needs to be connected to both your home's power supply and the plumbing pipes, and an incorrect installation can mean shorts and damage to the wiring. You also need to ensure that the connections are installed properly so that your sink doesn't leak around the unit and in turn, the area under your sink suffers mold or other water damage.

2. Drain cleaning

You might not want to wait until your drains clog to have them cleaned, as an annual cleaning can mean less risk of clogs and in turn, less risk of damage to your pipes. A plumber can use pressurized air to help clear away sludge and other debris from your bathtub and sink drains, or may use an organic additive that is added to the drains and flushed away.

3. Water conditioning

Water conditioning can mean adding a water softening system so that your home's water won't leave a film of calcium and other additives behind with each shower. Water conditioning can also mean adding a filter to your home's plumbing so that pollutants like rust are removed. This can make your water healthier for drinking and better for your skin, hair, and teeth for bathing and brushing.

4. Checking for leaks

You don't need to wait until you have an obvious leak in your home's plumbing to call for a plumber; he or she can check for leaks every year, or if you know that your pipes are very old and may be suffering from corrosion and other damage. This leak test can mean having small leaks repaired as soon as they appear, and having your home's pipes replaced before one should burst or the corrosion around connectors becomes very serious. A plumber can perform these leak tests quickly and easily, and in turn, may save you from very expensive repair bills down the road.