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Understanding How Plumbers Use Video Inspection

by Andy Butler

If you are having a sewer problem, having to go down the drain to look for the damage may not be a pleasant task. Plumbers do not have to use guesswork to try and determine the problem in your plumbing, nor do they have to dig up your backyard to try to identify the source of a clog or leak. There is video technology that can help plumbers pinpoint the problem accurately. In order to appreciate how it works, it is important for you to understand what it entails.


Since the video technology allows the plumber to pinpoint where the problem is, he or she does not have to spend a lot of time trying to identify the problem. The technology makes the diagnostic process easy and faster. Your landscape will only sustain minimal damage and only at the point of entry identified by the camera.

Services Carried Out

When dealing with the video camera, there are various problems that can be identified. One of them is root intrusion which could happen if you built your sewer near trees. The other problem could also be wear and tear brought on by continued use of the sewer. This might not be the problem causing a leakage but it could identify some of the weak points in your sewer system. Other things that the video camera inspection can identify include blockages and drain clogs.


The video inspection equipment is specially made for the job. The camera uses have adequate protection to ensure that sewer water does not cause damage. Since the water is usually dirty, the camera has a special design to ensure the lenses are not clouded by the dirt. This means that the view is not hampered. To guide the camera, there is a flexible rod that helps move around the pipe. This pipe is connected to cables to the camera that help beam the live images to the plumber operating the device. There are also other devices that use radio transmitters mounted on the camera to broadcast the same information wirelessly instead of using cables.


The plumber operates the camera using the flexible rod. As the camera pans through the sewer, the plumber takes note of its condition. When the root cause of the problem is identified, the plumber takes the correct measurements so that he can know how to handle repairs. You can choose to have the images stored for future reference. The inspection should not only be done when there is a problem, but regularly to identify weak points or previously undetected problems.