Fixing my leaking shower

  • Understanding Backflow and Knowing How It Can Be Prevented

    23 September 2016

    A critical element in the designing of water supply systems is ensuring that water flows in the intended direction. But usually due to possible cross-connections, the water may end up flowing in the opposite direction. This exposes the water to the risk of becoming contaminated, thus rendering it undrinkable or unusable. The most effective way people can prevent water contamination is to incorporate backflow preventers into the main water distribution line on their property.

  • Why the High Limit Switch on Your Water Heater Trips Repeatedly

    22 September 2016

    Electric hot water heaters have a reset button (also called a high-limit switch) that may keep tripping if something is affecting the mechanism that controls the functioning of the heating elements. Such a scenario requires the intervention of an emergency plumber before a major defect, such as a blown tank, occurs leading to your home being flooded. This article discusses some of the factors that may cause that reset button to trip repeatedly.

  • How to Choose the Right Grate for Your Heavy-Duty Drainage System

    20 September 2016

    If you're ready to install a heavy-duty drainage system in a car wash, garage, or in a barn, you need to think about the type of grate you will choose as well. The grate will help stop the drainage trenches and pipes from getting clogged and potentially backing up, and you want to ensure the grate you choose holds up under constant use. Note a few tips for choosing the right grate for your heavy-duty drainage system.

  • Are You Sure a Traditional Hot Water Heater Is Right For You?

    20 September 2016

    When your home needs a new hot water heater, you may be tempted to just go out and buy the same type and size as the one you had before. This is certainly an option, but you might take the opportunity to consider a few different types of hot water heaters for your home; this can mean a system that is more efficient or that better suits your family's needs. Consider a few of your choices so you can determine if a traditional hot water heater is still the best choice for your home.

  • Say What? What Do You Do When There's A Rubber Duckie In The Loo?

    14 April 2016

    The rotating whirlpool of a flushed toilet is like a homing beacon to curious young minds. With a final kiss goodbye to their beloved yellow duck, your child's favourite bathroom toy is tossed into the churning waves of the whirlpool where it is carried to a place where it can be seen no more. The problem as the owner of the home, however, is where exactly did the duck go? There are several things you can do when a rubber duckie has been chucked into the loo!

  • Considerations When Installing a Recirculating Hot Water System

    13 April 2016

    If you would like to ensure a consistent supply of hot water in your home at all times, then you should consider installing a recirculating hot water system. However, being a first time buyer, it is normal to become overwhelmed by the array of models that are available in the market. To make the selection process less daunting for you, it would be a good idea to have some features to look out for.

  • Some Cautions About Trying to Handle Clogged Drains on Your Own

    11 April 2016

    Clogged drains at home can be very inconvenient and unsanitary, if they drag up sludge and sediment and even raw sewage. While you don't want to ignore clogged drains in the tub, sink, or toilet, you also don't want to make the situation worse by trying to address it on your own but with the wrong tools, chemicals, and techniques. Note a few of those common mistakes that homeowners make when trying to handle clogged drains on their own and why it's often better to simply call for emergency drain service.

  • Tips to Prevent Clogging Your Kitchen Drain

    8 March 2016

    While plumbing maintenance is key to preventing blocked drains, many homeowners tend to wait until they have clogged drains to think about maintaining those drains. Clogs can occur in your drains at any time in your home. Blocked or clogged drains can lead to potential health risks and water drainage issues. Calling your plumber each time you have a blocked drain can be time consuming and costly as well. For this reason, it's important to avoid certain activities in your home that can clog your drains.

  • Understanding How Plumbers Use Video Inspection

    18 November 2015

    If you are having a sewer problem, having to go down the drain to look for the damage may not be a pleasant task. Plumbers do not have to use guesswork to try and determine the problem in your plumbing, nor do they have to dig up your backyard to try to identify the source of a clog or leak. There is video technology that can help plumbers pinpoint the problem accurately.

  • Plumbing Jobs, When to Call the Professionals

    14 October 2015

    Home owners have a choice when it comes to plumbing work or any other home improvement endeavours, to hire a professional, like those at Modica Gas & Plumbing, or to take the DIY route. There are certain plumbing jobs such as installing new faucets, sinks and washing machines or dishwashers that many people would opt to do themselves rather than to hire a plumber. If you class yourself as being fairly competent when it comes to DIY remodeling in general, however, then you may well be inclined to go the DIY route for more serious plumbing projects, but could you be biting off more than you can chew?